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I was having my online therapy with Sharmi for few months. She was really a very understanding person and she was able to fit in my shoes and see things from my side. She made me feel really comfortable to talk openly about everything with her. Furthermore, within a week I felt the changes and I began to gain more confidence in myself and to look at things in a much broader perspective. Also, from her therapy I was able to understand the situation from the other person’s view too. Online therapy is really a very convenient method to have the therapy, because whenever a CBT homework was given I was able to do it at a time that suits me the most and I didn’t have to rush. Also, I lived outside the United Kingdom, and I did not have the need to worry about the time difference at all, which was another advantage for me. Further, personally for me, writing, emailing or chatting helped me to express myself much better and in a clear manner so that Sharmi was able to get a clear picture, and help me in a much efficient manner.


Sharmi worked with me during a very difficult time in my life when I was a young person. Sharmi is a very understanding and kind person. Her approach with me whilst I was younger made me feel valued and listened too. Sharmi understood why I was exhibiting challenging behaviours and helped me to understand more about my own behaviours – she also helped me to learn new coping skills to deal with my issues. Sharmi has a very non judgemental approach and it was easy for me to be open with her about my thoughts and feelings. I am still in contact with Sharmi now after 8 years and feel this is a great example of how her work and approach has impacted me so positively. I would recommend Sharmi and her work.


I was having anxiety and panic attack related problems, I went to the GP and they referred me to the mental health team NHS. I was told that I have depression and they gave me anti -depressants which was no help at all. My friend referred me to Sharmi. Sharmi helped me come out of my anxiety problems. She knew what I was talking
about from the first day. She helped me to see that the difficulties I was having were not to do with anxiety alone or had anything to do with depression. We worked on the root of the problem which was related to having experienced lot of trauma during my childhood. None of the mental health professionals I saw in the past were able to make this connection or help me to work on the root problem. As I live in London I received sessions through telephone and Skype, I found them very helpful. I have been to other mental health services but
after getting session from Sharmi there was no need for me to see my psychiatrist anymore. I’m much happier now and the techniques which she used are still helpful to me after more than a year after my therapy has ended. I would definitely recommend Sharmi to anyone who needs help. She is very warm and very understanding.



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